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Who works on Zenith-Stromberg carbs in the Asheville, NC area

Hi!  I'm new to the group and recently acquired a very nice '72 Lotus Europa Twin Cam.  I live in the Asheville, NC area and cannot find any mechanic who is knowledgeable about Zenith-Stromberg carbs.  My car runs rich and I need an adjustment.  Can anyone point me to a mechanic in the area that knows how to work on these carbs?



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Terry Ramsey

My guess is the enrichment valve (choke) still active after warmup.

Bruce is a club member and should be able help you with this issue.

International Auto Works
124 Underwood Rd Fletcher NC 28732
Bruce Berry

I was looking for a garage to service on our (new ) MINI and I found Bruce to be a great place to fully trust and we now even take our Hondas for service and repairs .