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TVR Transport

In the midst of a busy weekend having borrowed a really nice race trailer to bring my 1985 TVR down to NC. So I loaded up the trailer, considered the JAG as the tow vehicle but decided on the VW and headed off early on Friday - about 10 hours and 465 miles later, I safely arrived in Etowah.

This morning I appreciated the assistance of a small group of willing volunteers from the club and we offloaded the trailer and put the "yellow peril" in the lower garage from where it will be reborn. Thanks to all who came and helped and others who also offered as well - what a great club! 

Tomorrow, I head back north to VA to return the trailer to sit beside its expensive racetrack Porsche from whom it was borrowed and I am sure the journey should be drier and quicker - any wetter I will need outboards!

This weekend I also made contact with one of the prior owners of the car who has been able to fill in a good amount of missing details from 1985 through to 2012 which confirms that the mileage on the car is genuine at below 6,000 and that British electrics can indeed be problematic! The car was sold by his grandparents through their NJ dealership but bought back early in its life to then be gifted to the grandson who tinkered with it as he learned about cars until he sold it in 2012. Since that time it has sat in various driveways and gardens but has never been used. But this new details really gives me more incentive to get it back up and running and be used the way it was intended, without it being overly protected.  And I sincerely hope that the trailer days are over.

If anyone loves to do projects, and wants to help me on specific jobs, I am up for all the help I can get as I am still mechanically novice eg fuel tank and line clean out, brake overhaul, fuel injection etc. etc. I do provide coffee and donuts on request and I want to learn with tools in my hands.

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Terry RamseyJoyce Young

Nice story…a rare beauty indeed! It would be interesting to follow the process. Hoping you’ll post updates. Thanks for sharing. 

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Joyce Young