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Triumph TR2-TR6 type Transmission Test Unit

I thought some of our gear head members might be happy to know I have produced a unit we can use to drive Triumph TR2-TR6 type transmissions, primarily to test and diagnose the overdrive units. 
I had a crashed tranny case and cut the gearbox housing off to attach the 2hp 115v electric motor. I also made the adapter to attach a pressure gauge to the test port. Click this link to see a running video:

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Hi Terry,

Great use of a gash gearbox and resolves the normal issue of having to tightly secure the gearbox under test to the floor or bench while running an equally well secured electric motor driving, via a pulley belt, to the under-test gearbox's input shaft.  Judging by the oil pressure and temperature, looks like all went well.

All the best, David


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Terry Ramsey

Ingenious !

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Terry Ramsey

Thanks Al.

I would like to make it available to all club members as needed. I’ll be using it for a while because I discovered a bearing noise and have decided to rebuild the gearbox. I have also found that the seals are all hard, and the balk rings are worn beyond recommended limit. The flange is separated from the second gear bushing, which I’ve read is quite common. Waiting on parts.