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The Top is Off!

Well, the winter top came off the Tiger today. Until now I’ve had the lift-off spot tied up with the TR3. Had to move it to put the Spitfire on the lift for the BAT photo shoot tomorrow. Yep, selling it to make room for the more significant '61 TR3A. Hoping an enthusiast out there will appreciate all the enhancements I've made to the Spitfire.
I lifted the top up to the ceiling to store for the summer. Modified an older Thule ski rack which clamps to the rain gutters on the Tiger, typical of early cars.

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Phil Profili has reacted to this post.
Phil Profili

Love the jig! Nice work.

Terry Ramsey has reacted to this post.
Terry Ramsey

Thanks. Hard tops can be difficult to store but they’re handy for occasional off season drives. A hard top also came with the TR3 so I’ll need to create another jig for it.