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Ride Being Cancelled

My question is if a ride is cancelled at the last minute ( weather being the main reason )  how will " booked " [participants  know about the ride not going to happen ?

Is it the original ride organizer sending out an email or text ?

Thank you for your info/advise

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Terry Ramsey

The process may have been refined somewhat, but in the past, the ride host would notify the events chair, (Michael Finney), to update the calendar as to the cancellation and or rescheduled date. Also, all booked members will get an email notification within 24 hours of the cancellation and or reschedule. I have suggested that ALL club members get the notifications, just in case someone is  considering a last minute participation.

Thank you Terry

Only the person that posted the event or drive can edit it. Right now, that would be me or Trey. Trey posted the March Madness Drive. If he cancels it or changes the date, everyone who registered would receive an email. If you haven't registered, you need to keep an eye on the website listing for changes.  David W.