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Pop Up Drive April 12th

Boy, today was a real treat! The weather was perfect; Spring displayed beautiful blossoms and the winding roads enroute to Columbus could not have been any better.

Grateful thanks to Al and Laura Converse for hosting this ride. Although the final destination required some quick thinking on Al and Laura's part for a change in venue (due to the number of club members on the drive... certainly a very positive note) it was a perfect ending. If you have never been to the 'old State Prison' now The Iron Key Brewing Co. in Columbus it is certainly worth visiting. Again, thanks to everyone for making 'lunch time' so enjoyable. And on we go......

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10 Cars (including a Bentley and a BMW Z3), 16 people. Too much fun for mid-April. My arms are a little toasty. Thanks Al and Laura! Come on people, let's do more Pop Up Mid Week Drives - must include lunch and adult beverages (un! is acceptable). Contact me (David Wood) or ideally Michael Finney (Events/Drives Chair) to discuss and get it setup on our website.

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It was a pleasure to drive along with everyone who participated. Here are a few more pictures courtesy of Mike Mitchell catching us as we rounded the corner at West Main and Greenville St in Saluda.

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