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Laurel Park Car Show

As we motored into Laurel Park this morning the flags were flying and the tents were in place, thanks to the hard work of Carol Clemens and John Rachow. From the toddlers who delighted in the 'freebies' from Carol's 'treats table' to the little tykes who felt grown up and joined in the voting, all in all it has been a splendid day.

As for the 'car color competition' well......what fun. A huge thank-you to Kate Horne and David Wood for all their hard work. The vibes from the club members and public alike testified to everyone's enjoyment. It's a good feeling when everyone pulls together.

Let us not forget the delicious pizza and cool drinks so generously given by the retailers at the mall. How very kind of them.

Jackie and John Houtman



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I think this pic says it all. A bunch of LBC nuts, in the baking sun, all yelling "Jaguar" and suitably framed by 2 RED MGB's!!!

Thanks John and Jackie.

Thanks all.

Thanks to Jackie, Tani and Janet for distributing ballots and pens.

And thanks to everyone who voted. We created 80 ballots and all of them were returned, including one from a very young boy who created his own on a piece of notepaper torn from one of several notebooks he was carrying.

We'll post the winners here in the next day or so.

Monza calls tomorrow morning.


David and Kate

PS: No animals or budgets were harmed with the purchase of the ribbons/rosettes and gift cards : )

PPS: Nominations for the 2023 "Club Member Most Likely To..." Award might open soon : )


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Terry Ramsey, John Houtman and Phil Profili have reacted to this post.
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