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Burning Blush Brewery

We  had a VERY pleasant time at the Burning Blush Brewery on Wednesday 19 of April . The weather was beautiful , great food truck and MANY Club members present . I think that everybody enjoyed themselves and hopefully we will have many more get-togethers like that .

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DWoodPhil Profili

Thanks John and Jackie! Kate and I think there were almost 30 members present, and yes, we'll do more get-togethers like that. 

All: Look out for an email regarding the Transylvanian Cruisers BBQ next Sunday afternoon (April 30th 1-4pm). Details on our events page. Click on the flyer image for more info.

John and Gail said it's a great event, great BBQ, and some cool cars guys (and gals). I'm going to propose we meet up somewhere around 12:30pm and Cruisin' together : )


Absolutely agree.  Great chatting with you guys!