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AITM Photos 2022

Just posting six here of what I would consider of special interest. I have collected near 70 that I and others have taken at the show. I would encourage members to post their favorite (6) photos for those who don't have a Facebook account and/or may not have been able to attend the show.

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  • 309169258_3268176613457465_1012192781692435536_n.jpg
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Outstanding AITM show.
Great photos, Terry.
Your first photo, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale (Coupe), was one of my favorite cars at the show.

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Terry Ramsey

A few more AITM photos by Carole Carter.
John Rachow's MG display was fantastic!

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  • AITM-Spitfire.JPG
  • AITM-MG-Display.JPG
  • AITM-Jaguar.JPG
  • AITM-Porsche.JPG
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Terry Ramsey

Posting six more photos I consider unique. Photos taken by a friend Melissa N.

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  • IMG_2388.JPEG
  • IMG_2393.JPEG
  • IMG_2394.JPEG
  • IMG_2395.JPEG

Good evening one and all,

Our thanks to Terry for his printed tutorial on the forum. It is greatly appreciated; off we go.!!!!

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Terry Ramsey

Thanks John and Jackie.

Hoping to see more of our members sharing their interest in British cars through the use of this Forum.

David Todd was kind enough to share this great video of our AITM 2022:

Nice video , thanks David and Terry for posting this , hope to see you at the Blue Ghost tomorrow .

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Terry Ramsey

Our Derek Cook submitted these fantastic photos!

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  • DJI_0039.JPG
  • Copy-of-DJI_0017.JPG
  • DJI_0018.JPG
  • DJI_0034.JPG