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A Rear Brake Bleed Point

Guess what??
If you're adjusting the rear drum brakes on an LBC and they are still holding after the brakes are applied and released, then it might be air in the rear brake hydraulics. The air pressure could be enough to keep the rear brakes applied, but not sufficient to push the fluid back to the reservoir. Yes, stronger brake return springs would fix the drag but not resolve the wasted pedal travel used to compress the air on the next braking cycle.

Terry , on my bikes I always used a brake fluid bleeder kit  connected to my air compressor , no need for using the brake lever / pedal and just an easy one man job.

It just sucks the fluid out thru the bleeders  ( I installed stainless steel one way bleeders)  Very easy to use !

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Terry Ramsey

Since getting a Mityvac years ago (initially to diagnose a vacuum leak) that's all I use on my cars - old and new - to bleed brakes and clutch lines.  Very easy one man job too!

I also used a Mityvac for many years  but for less than $ 30 I bought a vacuum bleeder kit to be used with an air compressor  and this tool can be used to suck out many fluids  like oil, gas , water  and having a short or longer hose attached to it makes it VERY handy . Try it and you WILL love it !