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63 Spitfire in Candler

Hi all, Did someone named John from the Club view this car too? Just curious about your thoughts. Laura 

Hi Laura.    

I believe I am the John  you are referring to    I did go look at the Spitfire about 5 weeks ago and decided to buy it.  It is now at Gary Nye's place getting a few minor things done to it.  But unfortunately I have to sell it because after I bought it I found out that I have a real hard time getting in and out of it because of my prior surgeries and a bad back.     I bought it with the intention of driving and enjoying it.  I did not think this was a problem because I owned a Spitfire about 30 years ago without any problems getting in and out of it.    I cannot figure out why the  older and fatter I get, the smaller car I buy


Hi John, That's funny, I seem to be shrinking with age! I'd love to talk to you about this car. Will you be at the show Saturday? 

Hi John,  Still would be interested in talking to you about the Spitfire. Laura 828-380-1736