Foothills British Car Club “Steamers” Member Invite – Dean’s Place Event

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Date(s) - Saturday, May 6, 2023
9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Dean's Place
400 Hopewell Road
Williamston, SC


There is a privately owned property I call “Dean’s Place”, located in Williamston, SC, that once per year allows guests onto the property to see machinery from years ago in operation. There is also a large collection of old tractors (some pre 1900), antique cars and other “stuff”.  The machinery in operation will be things like a steam powered sawmill, a hit and miss engine operated Veneer Machine, a shingle mill, cotton Gin, etc. There will also be one large steam locomotive and numerous scale model trains that are free to ride on, if passengers obey the rules. See attached pictures. As a volunteer at this property I am allowed to invite guests to visit  and this year I am inviting FBCC. I know May is a busy time so I wanted to let people know so they could put it on their Calendar if they are interested. I will send out more emails as the time gets closer with more detail like directions etc. The club has visited here in the past and the other visitors on the property enjoyed seeing the British cars. It would be great to see a good number of  LBC’s  lined up to be appreciated by an audience that likes the kind of machinery that will be on display on the property that day.  One question that comes up is “Are children allowed?”. They are but they must be under adult supervision at all times. This is not a public amusement park and adults are responsible for the children they brought onto the property.
John Mimms – FBCC Member.

Been there a couple of times. It is fabulous. Aside from steam engines, trains, tractors, etc. I recommend going to the back of the property to the huge building next to the owner’s house which is full of vintage cars from the 50’s and 60’s. Some have been restored and others are in original condition. Weather permitting, it should be a great day!
David Read – FBCC Member










More Info on location:
The address is 4300 Hopewell road,Williamston, SC.   Typically you will be heading East on Hopewell Road (may also be identified as County Road C-6-15) and the entrance will be on the right, 1.7 miles from the intersection of Hopewell Road and Hwy 81 in Anderson. There should be a small sign at the entrance saying “Private Event”. If you are on Hopewell Road and reach a four way intersection with Midway Road (RT 76), you have gone too far. There is a White house on the left side as you enter. The entrance is somewhat hidden and easy to miss so look at the  image below. Once you go through the gate you will be directed where to park. If you are not driving a British car you will probably be directed to turn right almost immediately and park on the grass. If you are driving a British car they should direct you to continue on the paved road past a barn on the left and down a dip where you will cross some 2 ft gauge railroad tracks.  Continue as the road goes up a hill and swings to the right. Follow the road and shortly after the right curve look for a “British Cars’ sign. Park on the Right hand side of the road with the front of the car toward the road.

No matter where you end up parking, walk to the tar road and follow the tar road to where the end of the yellow line is in the picture below. From this spot – on the left is a sawmill, shingle mill etc. A little behind the sawmill are two buildings housing old tractors and antique cars. Slightly behind on the left is where you can board the Large train. Slightly behind on the right hand side is the veneer machine. Further down on the right are the 1/8” scale trains. 

The gate will be open after 9:30 AM. There will be a food truck on the property serving burgers and dogs, soft drinks and snacks or you can bring your own food (in a wicker basket?) if you like. I may be somewhere around the track  assisting in track operations but I will try to be in the area of the train crossing as much as I can. Look for someone wearing a denim “Palmetto Live Steamers shirt and an FBCC hat. If you need some help you can reach me on my cell phone – 603-721-2653.  If you need some questions answered prior to the event you can email me at joelka65@gmail.comJohn Mimms – FBCC Member.

Entrance off of Hopewell Road  (County Road C-6-15)







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