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Leicester drive and Salty Goat Cafe Lunch

Dewey and Tani led us on a leisurely drive enabling us to enjoy the beautiful countryside, motoring along in the shade of the trees by the  river,  that almost tempted us to stop and paddle in the calm waters, but lunch awaited us at the Salty Goat Cafe so on we went. The lunch destination did not disappoint us; tasty food, a chance to have a good natter with excellent service.   AND THEN, there was more. The perfect finish to a wonderful drive as we had drinks and desserts (oh so yummy) at Tani and Dewey's home. 

One of us (John) was even bold enough to playfully enquire as to next year. Really, you can't take him anywhere

Seriously though, sincere thanks to Tani and Dewey and our fellow Club members for a delight 'get-together. '

Jackie and John. xx

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We also wish to thank Dewey and Tani for hosting another terrific drive and get-together. This one was exceptional, taking us over roads winding along the French Broad River, followed by lunch at Lazy Goat. The afternoon culminated with wonderful dessert offerings at the Parker/Reeves hilltop hacienda.

....  and it was great to have Carol back on sweep!


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Next year? I put in a request earlier today for a repeat later this year!! DW

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Ah... Johann appears to be demonstrating the ancient Dutch art of opening a bottle of wine!
Jackie is clearly standing back and Dewey appears to be slightly dubious and protecting his left ear in preparation for the upcoming explosion.
Note: No desserts were harmed prior to their consumption.

Looking forward to the early fall re-do.

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Yes , David you were right ; it took four of us to open the bottle of wine  . It only takes two people from Poland to change a light bulb !