BCCWNC The (Metric) Mile-High Drive

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Date(s) - Wednesday, June 12, 2024
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Ingles Fletcher - 2901 Hendersonville Road
2901 Hendersonville Rd.
Fletcher, NC 28732

Located at an elevation of 4925 feet on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Pisgah Inn is a gem hidden in plain view.  Some websites, unaffiliated with the inn, claim an elevation of 5000 feet and at least one Yelp review states “mile-high.”  It’s on the internet so it must be true!  Here at BCCWNC, we don’t believe in making such spurious claims.  Instead, to explain the name of the drive, we’ll take you back to America’s failed attempt to convert to the metric system in the 1970s.  Unless, that is, you are from a part of the world in which systems of measurement make sense and don’t require one to remember numbers like 3, 12, and 5280.

There are roughly 3.28 feet in a meter.  So the Pisgah Inn’s elevation of 4925 feet is approximately 1501.52 meters.  As luck would have it, 1500 meters is known as a ‘metric mile’.  Thus, this is the (Metric) Mile-High Drive.  Someone should trademark that.

The drive will begin in Fletcher and journey along the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Pisgah Inn.  In addition to guest rooms, the inn complex includes a restaurant with spectacular views, a gift shop, and a country store. Pisgah Inn Gallery

Date: Wednesday June 12.
Time: Meet at 11:00 for an 11:30 departure.

Location: Ingles, 2901 Hendersonville Rd, Fletcher.
Hosted by: John & Jackie Houtman.

Note: Some drivers may prefer to join the group at the ARBORETUM entrance to the BRP (191). Just a short distance from this entrance, on the left-hand side is a parking area, where they can join us.

The Route:
1. From the car park make a LEFT turn onto Hendersonville Road (this is 25 North towards Asheville).

2. Stay in the Right-hand Lane for approximately 5.5 miles.

3. Turn RIGHT onto the entrance to The BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY (BRP).

4. After a few hundred yards, turn LEFT at the STOP sign. We will now be on the BRP heading South. We will continue on this road until we reach the PISGAH INN. (total 25.5 miles).

In order for us to stay together as a group, anyone wishing to take pictures/stop to admire the views, it may be preferable to do so on the return journey.

LIGHTS: As there are 9 tunnels it is advisable to (not only make sure your lights are in good working order) but turn them on as soon as we have made the LEFT turn onto the Parkway and leave them on until we arrive at our destination.

There are no gas stations on the BRP so leave Ingles with enough gas!!!

Please watch out for cyclists.

Several options for lunch:
 A: Lunch at the Inn (excellent but pricey) We were unable to make reservations.

 B: Purchase ready-made or made to order sandwiches at the Inn Cafe

 C: Bring your own picnic.

There are picnic tables with benches near the Country Store. However, there is no telling how many visitors will be looking to use those tables. For anyone planning to take a picnic, it would be prudent to take your own chairs.


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