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Wheels and Tires for sale

I have 4 VTO wheels with Federal Super Steel 657 tires. Excellent condition. Very few miles on them. 185/60R14  Asking $850. 828-380-1736

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Hi Laura...

Please tell me the lug nut spacing distance.  What car did these wheels fit?


Hi Rich,   I believe they are 4x95.25 I looked them up the VTO site. The wheel size is 14x5.5.  I didn't buy the wheels and tires, I bought the car they were on. A 1963 Spitfire, it came with the original wheels and hub caps and I put them back on. The VTO site has a fitment guide you can look up your car on there to see if they'll work for you.  Thanks, Laura

Hi Rich, I just measured the diagonal bolt pattern, it looks to be 3 11/16 inches.