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Blot Out The Sun

Thanks David Mathias for a terrific event and thanks to all the great people who came out to share a common interest in the sun.


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Terry RamseyLaura Converse

And fun to enjoy a Zweigle's hot again... imported from Rochester NY and grilled to perfection by John and Gail Rachow.

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Terry Ramsey

Thanks to David Matias for a great drive today. We traveled across the scenic Pinnacle Mountain and ended at Tuxedo Park where we had a picnic in anticipation of the upcoming Eclipse. The weather was better than expected and it was great visiting with the members. Coming home, we picked up road debris at the left rear with a loud bang. Within a few miles the ride and sound had changed to include the smell of hot rubber. A can of Fix-A-Flat brought us on home.
Someone left a cooler at the park. I’ll bring it to the May meeting.

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Any beer left in the cooler ????

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Al Converse

Thanks to everyone for coming out for the drive.  I think we all had a great time.

Terry - sorry about the flat.  At least it was on the way home rather than heading to the drive.


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Al Converse

Wow, that's some puncture! The offending road hazard probably fell of some LBC in front of you.

I did look familiar and I hope it didn’t fall off of mine. 

I have now attached a GoPro link to view photos from our Blot-out-the-sun event on Monday. I grabbed what I thought might be interesting frames from short videos made during the drive event. ​This is also posted on our clubs Facebook​.
Thanks to our club events coordinator David Mathias and his wife Patty for planning and hosting this great event.
Click this link to view the photos: []
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Laura Converse

Terry - thanks for the new photos.