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BCCWNC Houtman House Call 05-18-24

What a great day with John & Jackie Houtman! They hosted their annual BCCWNC Houtman House Call today! As most of us already know, Jackie is a wonderful cook and the food and settings were fabulous. It was great to visit with club members and enjoy such a great place.
We all got to see their beautiful home which included lots of Mini models displayed throughout the house. John loves LBC's in general but is nuts for Mini Coopers. I'm posting a few photos taken there. They include individual photos of John and Jackie with a red wagon of sorts which he owned when they first met. There's a photo of John with the first Mini Cooper ever made. They have a pet tortoise which has been with them for 50 years! It was full grown when they got it and so it could be 60-100 years old. Notice the rope laced over the tortoise coral. It's a hawk deterrent. John told us he was nearby when he witnessed a hawk's failed attempt to make off with the tortoise and dropped it into the back yard.
The weather forecast prevented us from driving our LBC's but we did get to enjoy Phil and Jennifer Profili's '87 Jaguar XJ6. I understand it was the last model year before Ford got involved. What a treat!
A big THANK YOU to John and Jackie Houtman.
Click the GoPro link to see 30 photos, and I apologize for the butt shots.
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A heartfelt thank you to Jackie and John Houtman for their incredible hospitality in welcoming us to their home today. Superb food and drink were enjoyed in a relaxed setting where we had a great opportunity to visit with other club members. An added bonus was meeting the Houtman's well-traveled, 50+ year old tortoise! Thanks again, Jackie and John!

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A few more pictures. 

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Absolutely! A lovely spread and a nice cup of tea!

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Terry Ramsey

Thank you Terry and Al for posting the great pictures  , we like to thank everyone for coming to our lunch and the great camaraderie we have in this Club.

The red wagon Terry mentioned was my Renault 4  , the first car I bought when I turned 18 in 1968 was a Fiat 1500  , nice car with a good radio but not very reliable .

When I was drafted into the Dutch army in 1970 I needed a more economical car and bought  a second hand Renault 4  , this was a VERY popular car in Europe for decades with millions sold  . This was the car I had when Jackie came to visit me in Holland in 1972 .

It was nice to see our tortoise Japie in the pictures  , we have had her for 50 years and she could easily be 80 years old as she was the same size as now when we got her from one of my customer farmers She probably will outlive us !

Thanks again to all the nice members in this amazing car club

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