MGB/GT A/C Installation by John Rachow

1974 MGB/GT Chrome Bumper.
On a summer day in North Carolina this is one HOT ride. That’s why I decided to install air conditioning in it.

I bought a used MOSS Motors A/C kit off Craigslist. The MOSS motors kit is specifically manufacture for MGB’s. The previous owner had removed it from an MGB/GT after only one season of use. He had everything packaged up in original boxes, and had all the hardware bagged and labeled. A new drier was included with the sale.

Installation began with the draining of coolant and removing the radiator and core support. This allowed for removal of belts and alternator. Installed compressor in alternator location, new brackets above compressor. Reinstalled alternator and belts.

Reinstalled radiator support and radiator. Also installed new fan shroud for more air flow through condenser and radiator (recommended by MOSS). To accomplish this oil cooler needed to be relocated, and new location for oil lines below radiator support. Oil line holes will be used for A/C lines.

Next moved on to the installation of the evaporator in passenger’s side foot well. Mounting bracket used existing holes in firewall. Installed evaporator (twice), A/C lines had to be connected before mounting and passed through firewall. Mounted fan and compressor switches. Next installed four A/C ducts and vents, limited space back of dash.

Location of Relays and fuses in the wiring harness found and mounted. Connection of power wire to starter terminal made. Wire to keyed fuse made. Ground connection made. Temperature probe mounted in radiator, completed electrical work.

Installation of A/C lines from condenser to compressor, from condenser to evaporator, from evaporator to compressor were made.

Filled radiator with water and antifreeze. Topped off oil because of cooler relocation.

Once installation was complete (approx. 15 hours), I had Gary Nye of Basically British, charge the A/C system. Have not had the opportunity to really try it out yet but it does blow cold air.

So now being a HOT ride, it is also a COOL ride.