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TIRE PULL!! What’s that??

One of my specialty cars recently developed a tendency to drift left toward the centerline. I checked the tire pressure then put it up on the rack and couldn’t find anything loose or bent.
Took it in for an alignment and it was diagnosed with “tire pull”. They swapped the front wheels around and solved the problem! If anything, it could now be drifting very slightly to the right.
It doesn’t seem long since I put new tires on the car and they still look almost new.
I looked at the date code and found it to be 4814. That’s the 48th week of 2014!!! (EIGHT YEARS OLD)!!!

I only drive the Metro Pup on nice days and keep it in the garage. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long ago that I put new tires on that car.

Robert Milkes wrote a great article a couple of years ago about the frequent mistake, of which I have just made:

It was published on this website under “Tech Tips” called “Old Tyres by Robert Milkes”, and still resides there.

Caution! Don’t read the article unless you are prepared to buy a new set of tires for your “seasonal” driver.


During my 55 years of riding motorcycles I was always very aware of the importance of my tires as I only had two small pieces of rubber between me and the road  and my life depended on that piece of rubber.

I replaced them when they were worn down and did not wait till they were worn out .   If a vehicle is not used often than the age of the tire is more important than the wear of the tire .

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Terry Ramsey

Did you see Robert’s article I referred to in Tech Tips of this website?

Yes , I did read that article and I always bought the best tires available for my bikes , I did not worry about getting the most miles out of my motorcycle tires .

Road holding in dry AND wet weather was more important to me : Safety first  !

Terry Ramsey has reacted to this post.
Terry Ramsey