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Matching Paint Color

Hi All,  I bought a 79 Spitfire last fall, was repainted sometime in the 90's.  I'm in need of some touch up paint. Who's good at matching colors? Thanks, and so glad for this new forum.  Laura

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Terry Ramsey

Hi Laura,

I would suggest taking a sample (painted body part) to a reputable auto paint and body shop and get them to match it with their paint supplier. With our forum being so new, my hope is that someone will see your request and respond with a better suggestion and/or be able to recommend a particular auto paint and body shop.

I've included a photo of my 77 Spitfire ID plate to include my "paint code number" just in case yours was repainted to its OE color. The link will take you to a chart to identify your OE color by number.

I hope I have been some help.

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Thank you Terry,  My car was originally Russet Brown, repainted red, not sure if it's Vermillion Red though. I'll have to take a sample somewhere like you suggested. 

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Terry Ramsey

Laura - I would suggest calling Carolina Auto Paint, 828-513-5116. They are at 820 Greenville Hwy. in Hendersonville. If the Spitfire is drivable, you can take it in and they can use a sensitometer on a body panel, (bonnet or boot lid) to match the color. Good Luck.

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Terry Ramsey

Thanks John, Yes, it is very drivable, appreciate the recommendation, and thanks for an excuse to take a good ride!