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June 12 on the BRP

A great drive and great company!

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Terry RamseyGene CarterJohn HoutmanAl Converse

Nice array of LBCs, including the BMW Minis.  Who owns the white Sunbeam?

R Fritz

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Terry Ramsey

Thanks to John & Jackie Houtman for hosting The (Metric) Mile-High Drive! Such a great event! What fun! Click the GoPro link to see photos of participants and their fabulous cars.



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Laura Converse

We would like to thank everyone for coming out for the drive and the very nice pictures David and Terry put on the Forum . The picture of the whole group together should be perfect for the "OUR STATE " magazine and hopefully they will print this . A few of us had lunch in the restaurant but perhaps the next time we will bring a picnic as well as we had to wait about 40 minutes for a table .

Thanks to Mitch for organizing the great weather  , he must have a special connection with the "upstairs "

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Terry RamseyLaura Converse

A very enjoyable outing from start to finish...thanks again John and Jackie for organizing and to Terry for sharing the fun pix.

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Terry Ramsey