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Fuel Choice

Hi All,

New member and I have a basic what gas should I use question. I saw the threads from last year on E15 and will avoid that based on the linked article.

Car is a soon to arrive 1964 Morgan Plus 4. Triumph TR4 engine which was standard for that year Plus 4.  I also saw the thread on pure gas and went to that website.  I'm in the Landrum, Tryon area. According to pure gas I get Ethanol Free 87, 90 or 93 in my area. 

I'm thinking ethanol free is best but would love to hear your thoughts/experience on this.

I use 93 no ethanol and add a small amount of  Lucas Octane booster.  Otherwise I get pinging and run-on. 1955 A-H 100/4 with slightly raise compression: 8-1/2 to 1.

Tom, thank you for that. I'll go with the 93 and see how it responds.

Paul, I use ethanol free 89 or 90 octane in my British cars, but sometime have to go with E free 87 octane due to local scarcity of E free fuel.  I live down in the Campobello / Landrum area and E free 93 is limited down here, unless you know of another source? Wilsons Country Store at the cross roads of Hwy 9 and 11 has E free 93. I sometime go to the BP on 108 in Columbus for E free 90. The SUNOCO Royalty Food Mart at 3950 Lynn Rd in Tryon supposedly has E free 90, but I have never purchased there. There are a couple locations in the area that have E free 87. Debs Mini Mart in Green Creek sells "Racing fuel". I'll have to check if they have E free 91 or 93 next time I drive by. Paul, if you know of other local E free stations, please share. I usually check to look for E free gas locations when I travel away from home.

Hi David. I suspect we are close to each other. I'm off Hwy 11 between Campobello and Gowensville.  The Spinx at 11 and 14 has e free 87. I checked there a couple of days ago. I saw from about Wilsons and also the Sunoco in Tryon having 90.  I go through Tryon a lot and will double check that. Wilson's at hwy 9 and 11 is not that far from me and I'll likely start with their 93.  Be curious to see what Deb's in Green Creek calls racing fuel.  I don't get out that way much but I'll check it out if I do.  I have to head out to TIEC tomorrow evening and can swing by there. I'll let you know.

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