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5 almost new 13’ Maxxis P185/80 tires for sale

This is Matthew Burril. I am a recent member with a Sunbeam Tiger.

I am asking $400 for all five of them. Four tires were mounted and have 80 miles on them, the fifth has never been used.

They are fine tires. I ordered them from Coker Tire as evidenced from the invoice in May of this year, and also ordered a set or BF Goodrich simultaneously knowing that the Goodrich tires would not be in until October. The Goodrich came in and I have removed the Maxxis. I’m simply trying to get them out of my garage, and hopefully to someone who wants a great set of tires inexpensively. I used the Maxxis while I was working the gremlins out of the Tiger I purchased in May.

I hope they will make someone happy.


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There are a lot (8?) Tigers in Black Mountain. Great deal. Spread the word boys!