2016 Great Scot! Car Show at Furman University

A great time was had by all!
15 cars and 25 members went, with many awards carried home by BCC members.

Margot and Terry Eld 1962 TR3b 1st
Richard and Judy Dick 1980 TR7 2nd
John and Linda Hanlin 1972 GT6 3rd
John and Mary Beth Walls 1973 GT6 1st

Kevin Sweeney 2005 XKR 2nd
Jim and Margaret Heavener 1956 XK-140 MC OTS 1st and Best of Show

Mitch Andrus 1958 MGA 2nd (he was robbed!)
Scott and Betsy Monfort 1967 MGB 2nd
Robert and Dreama Milks 1965 MGB 1st
Madeleine Pennoyer 1969 MGC 1st

Terry and Mary Alice Ramsey 1966 Tiger 1A 2nd