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  1. John Koshikar

    To everyone on the tire recommendation. Thank you. I was about ready to ask here if anyone in the club could recommend a tire installer for wire wheels for my MG I will give them (Downtown Tire) a call tomorrow.

  2. Rich Dick

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Bennett French or his new phone number? He was suppose to repair my rear end and that didn’t happen. He said he found a great used rear end for the TR7 but no longer has a shop or working phone number. I will take any suggestions for someone to look at what I got now and suggest what should be done. Don’t feel comfortable driving it too far these days with the noise.


    1. David Wood

      Mitch et al,
      Model 61196 are 3 Ton. I have some. Used sparingly.
      Group run for H’Ville and Mills River members to Arden?
      Thanks Mitch!


    2. Gene Carter

      Just curious about the concept of used sparingly…
      If your car almost never falls on you, is that okay? 🙂

  3. Kelly Combes

    I just acquired a set is HIF4 SU carbs and intake to install on my 1980 MGB. Overall, they’re in good shape but they had some modifications for racing that will need to be undone. An idle time project.

  4. David Wood

    OLD TIRES by ROBERT MILKS in Tech Tips

    Well, guess what! My “look almost new” tires were made on Week 43, 2009 🙁
    Can anyone suggest a tire shop that has the know-how to source and fit new tires on wire wheels?


    1. George deWalder

      I have used Hendrix Wire Wheel in Greensboro many times and highly recommend them. 2nd choice locally would be Downtown Tire in Hendersonville.

    2. Robert Milks

      I bet your ‘almost new’ tires felt like hard plastic when you rubbed the surface with your hand! I’ll echo George’s response, although I don’t use wire wheels. I do endorse Downtown Tire’s owner Bobby Rowland ; as a SCCA racer, he’s a good source of information and good INSTALLED prices.

    3. David Wood

      George and Robert. Thanks for the recommendations. 5 new tires (tyres) are being fitted next Tuesday at Downtown. The spare may have been from the 80s! I also checked to see that the spare wheel fitted on the new splined hubs…yes! As Robert hinted, old tires were very hard, shiny and almost no give in the sidewalls. And 2 sizes over standard. 185 instead of 165. Looking forward to driving a “new” B next Tuesday.

    4. David Wood

      New Tyres Update:
      Good times with Downtown Tire’s owner Bobby Rowland yesterday. He thinks the tyre on my spare was “from the beginning of time” 🙂 Dropped off all 5 wire wheels around 11:30 and picked them up at 5:00. Back on the car by 6:00 and it drives like a different car! (WAY BETTER) Previously needed to arm wrestle the car out of my drive way onto the street – a tight 120° turn, and now it’s almost a 1 handed breeze. Now waiting for the rain to back off a little.

  5. Robert Milks

    Dreama and I took a ride last Friday in our MGB. Perfect weather! Top down and a full tank of gas, we aimed toward US 64 East to Lake Lure, then a right on NC 9 South to the Cherokee Foothills Pkwy (SC 11). Both are great cruising roads to let the car get some exercise. Then up the hill on SC 130/NC 281 past Whitewater Falls and the entrance to Gorges State Park (maybe a stop for a future drive?). I’d call that road a semi-cruiser, as it has a mix of curves and straightaways. Great fun. Then out to Cashiers on US 64, and finally retracing US 64 East back to home. Thanks to Ingles for providing clean public restrooms. Time stood still for 177 miles!

  6. Grady Wilson

    Working on other cars besides TR6.
    MOVING shrubs and continuing spring planting. General yardwork.
    I’m looking for a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Anyone have a lead on an AH BUG EYE SPRIT? Please let me know. I’m on Hemmings also looking.
    Thanks Grady. FYI My cell is 828 274 7257.

  7. David Wood

    MGA, MGB and Midget Owners…
    With all this new time on our hands and both Moss and Victoria British being closed I needed to find a source for an SU Carb repair kit and a gear shift lever nylon bushing. So I’m now “thoroughly recommending” Ordered the parts late Sunday and they’ll be here this afternoon (Wednesday) USPS Priority Mail all the way from Oregon for $10.60. David

  8. Gene Carter

    Classic cars are relatively simple. Modern cars are more complex but onboard diagnostics help. The check engine light on my Mini came on and the P code pointed to Coolant temperature sensor or Thermostat. Replacing the sensor was relatively easy (and less expensive). The thermostat is part of an assembly and far more involved. New sensor and problem solved. Just in time for the annual inspection.

  9. Kevin Sweeney

    One positive note on isolation due to the virus, have had time to start tearing down my TR6. Wings, bonnet, boot and interior out along with most electrical and mechanical components. Just a couple of hours away from a bare tub on chassis. Tin worm not as bad as expected but finding a number of PO modifications that need to be corrected. Fun, Fun, Fun as the Beach Boys would say…..