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  1. Terry Ramsey

    Thanks Dennis and Kathy Somerville for planning and hosting the 2019 FBCC and BCCWNC 3rd Annual Veteran’s Day Tour! It was a great success! 43 cars participated and we visited the Sassafras Mountain Observation Tower at 3,553 feet elevation where Dennis and Kathy recognized our Veterans for their dedicated service to our nation.
    Lunch at Mica’s Restaurant was again great!

  2. Terry Ramsey

    Thanks to Tom Young for planning and hosting the 2019 Mt. Mitchell Circumnavigation Drive on Friday Oct 18th. It was a great clear Fall day with great views! The meal at the Garden Deli in Burnsville was great!

  3. Tom Young

    Thanks to Gene Carter and Terry Ramsey for the pictures and the write up on the Mt Mitchell Drive.
    Thanks also to all who joined us in spite of a reschedule and a cool morning start. We did title this drive the “First Annual”, so I hope there will be many more.

  4. Terry Ramsey

    I big THANKS goes out to Gene for moving the “Leave a Comment or Reply to a Comment” to the top of the page so we don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the previous comments.

  5. Mitch Andrus

    Special notice to John Rachow for all his work in moving the show’s equipment, and his guidance in assembling those tents. Here they are drying on his driveway.

  6. Mitch Andrus

    AITM was great this year (2019). Many thanks to all who showed their cars and helped set-up and break-down and a year’s worth of work. Robert Milks and Gene Carter…. huge props for tying up so many loose ends and details and making it all work so well.

  7. Terry Ramsey

    AITM was a blast this year. No waiting @ the food truck, no noisy generator, restrooms nearby, music was great. Ended with a bang………or should I say a “splash”. Had my cars drying out in the sun today, like two birds drying their wings so they can fly again.
    Thanks to all the AITM committee members and the volunteers for pulling this off!

  8. Gene Carter

    Thank you Terry Ramsey for organizing a group of BCCWNC members to support an Air Force veterans reunion.
    Saturday, September 21 at Mill House Lodge in Flat Rock.
    91st TFS and 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters
    Richard Jensen……….58 MGA
    Scott Monfort…………67 MGB
    Richard Dick…………..80 Triumph TR7
    Grady Wilson…………74 Triumph TR6
    Derek Cook……………59 A-H Frogeye Sprite
    George deWalder……75 MGB
    Terry Ramsey………..77 Triumph Spitfire
    Mitchell Audrus……..66 Jaguar E-Type
    Ron Mitchell…………..67 Healey BJ8
    David Wood…………..65 MGB
    Tom Lenweaver……..62 MGA
    Madeleine Pennoyer…87 RR Silver Shadow Cornish II Convertible
    Margot Eld…………….62 Triumph TR3B
    Photos are available at:

    1. Terry Ramsey

      Our showing up with our British cars was a surprise to the Air Force veterans. Hosts Chris and John Hoover planned the surprise and I think everyone had a great time.

  9. Terry Ramsey

    A big thank you goes out to Dennis and Kathy Somerville for planning and hosting the 2019 Pisgah Inn Drive and Lunch with FBCC! A special thanks to Robert and Dreama Milks for leading the drive to Aunt Sue’s where we met up with FBCC for the balance of the drive. Perfect day! Perfect Weather! 175 miles round trip in a Tiger.