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  1. John Koshikar

    I hope this is the right place to post this, but I thought that this would be important to club members. I went to Gary Nye’s place (Basically British) in Brevard a couple of weeks ago and there was a sign on the door saying during his recovery that he would be working half days only (the shop was closed at the time) . I went by this morning (Fri, June 7th) hoping to see if he was there because I wanted to talk to him about doing a few things to my MG. Now there is a sign on the door that his shop is closed during his recovery at Mission Hospital. Lets hope for speedy recovery for Gary.

  2. TerryRamsey

    A big thank you goes out to Tray Houston for hosting the 2019 March (April) Madness Tour and Lunch! We went out through Leicester and across the back roads of Madison County into Marshall. Drove along the French Broad river back to Biltmore. What a great drive! The potty break and re-fuel stop was perfect timing. The weather was great! Ended at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Fletcher for a great lunch and social time. Thanks Tray!

  3. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to Alvan and June Judson for hosting the wonderful 2019 Apple Blossom (prickley) Tour and lunch at La Strada restaurant in Lake Lure! The food and service was great! The route contest was the most fun I ever had at 20 mph! Congrats to Scott and Linda Jones as the winner of the contest. Those two are incredibly observant!

  4. Steve Miller

    Won an award! Hard work pays off. Pixar Pictures award presented for car “most likely to appear in a movie” 4 awards among 400 cars. Best true American( 32 Ford Roadster) Best “Outlaw”( Mercedes 1955 190 SL) with modern drive train. Best Euro (1984 635 BMW 6-series) and mine. Then towed it home!

  5. Tray Houston

    As it was asked of me at the Jan ’19 business meeting – South Asheville Cars a& Coffee isn’t put on the calendar because it’s not a BCCWNC Hosted event – BCCWNC members are invited to attend. It is the 3rd Saturday of each month – year around – at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. And in September, I would like to feature BCCWNC (and British cars in general)

    9a – 11a
    Beef ‘O’ Brady’s
    2625 Hendersonville Rd
    Arden, NC 28704

    Also, don’t be surprised if there is a short drive (about 1 hour) at 11 that will end up back at Beef O Brady’s for lunch!

  6. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to John and Jeanne Condren for hosting the Burntshirt Winery Tasting & Tour 2018 today. It was well planned. It got me over worrying about getting my car wet. I’m looking foreword our next rainy drive!

  7. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to Kevin and Pat for hosting the “Yaller Cathouse” Run and Lunch 2018. It was a great opportunity to see the back roads of the Brevard area. A beautiful home (and garage). Great food!

  8. Gene Carter

    The Troyer Drive and Lunch for 2018 was once again an outstanding bccwnc event. The day was cloudy with a few sprinkles but the drive was beautiful. Great lunch at Troyer’s under their pavilion. Then on to the Ramsey’s house for some wonderful desserts. A huge thank you to Terry and Mary Alice.

  9. TerryRamsey

    Had a great time at The First Day of Summer 2018 event! Great weather and a nice place to have a cook out. Enjoyed visiting our car club friends. A big thanks goes out to John C for hosting. (Returned to Fairview @ 7:44 pm with only a few sprinkles on my windscreen 🙂

  10. TerryRamsey

    Great June montly meeting! Enjoyed meeting the new members and catching up on club happenings! Great show afterwards in the “car park”.

  11. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to John Condren for planning and hosting the Synchro-De-Mayo Uno drive! A great drive in conjunction with the members from the FBCC (Foothills British Car Club). A great group and great day indeed! Departure point and time, stops, and meals were well planned. Total mileage was 133 for Mary Alice and I.
    Looking foreword to the 10th Annual Great Scot! British Car Show at Furman University on May 26th!

  12. Terry Ramsey

    A big THANK YOU is in order for Alvan’s hosting of this wonderful drive! The route was great with views of the “apple blossoms” as the drive was so appropriately named.