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  1. Larry Griswold

    Larry Griswold and Fred Wescoe on Aug. 8 on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Richland Balsam during the Carolinas Austin-Healey Club annual mountain trip. Driving conditions were perfect that morning and about 20 Austin-Healeys from NC, SC, GA and TN participated.

  2. Mike Deegan

    For Sale:
    Early 1974 MGB (chrome bumpers)
    35,000 miles, 4 speed manual transmission, Mechanically and electrically sound, Black convertible top, full tonneau cover, Pertronix ignition, New tires, Monza exhaust, Updated interior – Moto-Lita wooden steering wheel and shifter, new carpet, Pieces of Eight gas struts for bonnet and boot.
    • Several manuals, books, DVD
    • Hydraulic jack, jack stands
    • Various tools – bullet crimper, bullet closing tool, carb synchronizer
    • Second sent of chrome bumpers, miscellaneous parts
    Stored indoors
    All service performed by Made in England and MG Limited in Milwaukee, WI
    Service diary and all receipts available for review
    Price: $6,000 / OBO
    Contact Andrew K. at or 612-384-5376 with your interest or a test drive.

  3. Jon Michael Riley

    For Sale:
    2002 Jaguar XK8 / 4 liter aluminum V8 with automatic transmission.
    The car has 73K miles, is in excellent shape, always garaged.
    Exterior color is Pacific Blue with dark blue top. Interior is tan leather, Wilton carpeting with high-quality rubber floor mats. Premium alpine stereo, radio, CD and cassette player and a navigation system in the center dash. 245/45-ZR-18 Continental Extreme Contact tires installed in 2013 (mileage was 64,141). New battery and all service records including all the original manuals. I am asking $10,500.00.
    Jon Michael Riley / Phone- 828-699-2801 / Email:

  4. Gene Carter

    For Sale:
    Our club email address received a message from John Lampley who has some MG Midget parts for sale. He accumulated these parts while racing a Midget in SCCA.
    For more information, contact:
    John Lampley:

  5. Gene Carter

    Our club email address received a message from Aaron Dison who is looking for a Triumph GT6 to “fix up and turn into something really nice”. He prefers something that doesn’t run and has been collecting dust for a long time. Doesn’t have to be 100% complete as long as it has the chassis, engine and a good percentage of the odd bits. He plans to strip it to the frame and replace/repair almost everything. He lives in Asheville and would like to find a car within a half-day’s drive. Please contact:
    Aaron Dison:

  6. Carol Clemens

    Our second drive hosted by Terry Ramsey was a great success. We tried a new venture. Two groups of cars, one slower group and then minutes later a faster group. The drives were asked to chose which group they wanted. At 10am the first group left with David Wood as the leader. At 10:10am the second group left with Terry at the lead. We all met up at the Lake Lure/Rutherford County Visitors Center for a rest stop, with social distancing. Some of the drivers elected to switch from one group to the other and of we went again 10 minutes apart. We ended our drive at Food Lion in Fairview and as drivers and their copilots got out of their cars they were so excited about the run. They all said please lets try this again, They loved the two group venture. So if we have more than 12 cars signed up for a drive they want to do it again. Thanks to all who went on this drive you all made history.
    Pres. CC

  7. John Koshikar

    ANOTHER SAFETY RECALL. About a month ago, (as seen here in the Comments section) Harbor Freight had a recall on some of their jack stands. Well, some of the replacement jack stands are now recalled because of the weld splitting (breaking). The new recall is for the Pittsburgh 3 ton jack stand, SKU number 56373
    They say take them out of service immediately and return them to Harbor Freight for a refund or replacement.
    An article has been posted to the Tech Tips page of our website providing complete details:

  8. Gene Rayle

    The bodywork still in progress is worth a quick pic. The new inner fenders required welded crossbars to work for a proper alignment with inner fenders then weld them into wheel wells. He has checked fit of the hood and has my shop manual to remain cognizant of specs. Work slowed down due to covid.

  9. Gene Rayle

    My 1964 Triumph TR4 started in Shelby at Colbertts Auto Restoration for key adjustments for new inner fenders, upper and lower valance to then do paint. Given shop owners knowledge of restoration I elected to have a full frame-off nut and bolt. After full teardown, blasting, cleaning and painting purchased fully complete suspension bushing kits front and back, new front and back all springs, new standard and hydro shocks, brakes disc and drums, etc. Quality finish on my high school car owned for 51 years that was in storage about 12 if those years. Extensive bodywork last few years is a totally separate topic and car is rust free. Last replacement was the trunk floor from Rimmer replaced.

  10. Terry Ramsey

    Thanks to Gene Carter for hosting a great 2020 Cabin Fever Drive! I really needed that, and i’m sure most of us did! I’ve been taking my cars out for short drives around East Asheville occasionally and it just wasn’t the same as sharing THIS event with like minded friends. The social distancing prevented all the still-needed hugs, but they’ll just have to wait. As always, thanks to our fearless club leader, Carol Clemens, for helping to us be safe and keep the cars in a manageable line up.

  11. Larry Griswold

    Followed this 1949 RHD MG to the lagoon at the Biltmore Estate this morning. Asked the driver if he is from this area and the answer was “Yes and no, we have a condo in Asheville.” He did not know about our club, so I told him about it and how to find the website and he put the info. in his phone.

  12. Carol Clemens

    comment for June 13 cabin Fever Run

    What a great day for our first event since the viris. everyone ( 18 cars-24 people with masks)
    ventured out for a two hour drive. everyone voiced their opinion on how nice to be in their
    cars again, and joining in with other people/cars for a run. Hats off to Gene Carter our host
    for this event. Great job Gene it was perfect. Thank you all for supporting our first run. Hope
    to have more in the future. Please stay safe– see you all at the next Zoom meeting.
    Pres. CC

  13. Terry Ramsey

    While I enjoyed Robert’s article on tires, , he scared me into replacing my 8-year-old tires on the Tiger. They were only about half worn but maybe my small steering wheel will be easier to turn on the new, softer, thicker 60 series rubber. As the article suggested the possibility, when I went to pick them up I realized they were already 1-1/2 years old! If I understood his date code description, they were made on the fortieth week of 2018 “4018” (Oct. 1-8 of 2018). Will Mary Alice sell it on before the tires are dangerously out date again? Don’t know….hope not. I may contact Discount Tire and speak to the elderly lady who throws tires trough the store-front window and get her advice.

  14. Tray Houston

    finally installed a smaller battery in the Lotus… just trying to “simplify and add lightness”… and prepping for a 2-day HPDE at Road Atlanta Jun 20 and 21st.

  15. Robert Milks

    We took a drive up US 276 out of Pisgah Forest to the BRP today; great weather and for a Sunday, light traffic. We drove a few miles south on the Parkway and stopped for lunch at an overlook before returning north to the NC 191 exit. I just want to report that the “Grab and Go” area of the Pisgah Inn Restaurant is open, as are the restrooms and the Inn, although the inside restaurant seating remains closed. The old gas station store and its restrooms at the north end of the parking lot are also open. We did not drive on the BRP section between NC 191 and US25, because of new paving and I didn’t want to get involved with that. Maybe someone else has news on that section of road.
    Robert Milks

  16. John Koshikar

    To everyone on the tire recommendation. Thank you. I was about ready to ask here if anyone in the club could recommend a tire installer for wire wheels for my MG I will give them (Downtown Tire) a call tomorrow.

  17. Rich Dick

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Bennett French or his new phone number? He was suppose to repair my rear end and that didn’t happen. He said he found a great used rear end for the TR7 but no longer has a shop or working phone number. I will take any suggestions for someone to look at what I got now and suggest what should be done. Don’t feel comfortable driving it too far these days with the noise.


    1. David Wood

      Mitch et al,
      Model 61196 are 3 Ton. I have some. Used sparingly.
      Group run for H’Ville and Mills River members to Arden?
      Thanks Mitch!


    2. Gene Carter

      Just curious about the concept of used sparingly…
      If your car almost never falls on you, is that okay? 🙂

  18. Kelly Combes

    I just acquired a set is HIF4 SU carbs and intake to install on my 1980 MGB. Overall, they’re in good shape but they had some modifications for racing that will need to be undone. An idle time project.

  19. David Wood

    OLD TIRES by ROBERT MILKS in Tech Tips

    Well, guess what! My “look almost new” tires were made on Week 43, 2009 🙁
    Can anyone suggest a tire shop that has the know-how to source and fit new tires on wire wheels?


    1. George deWalder

      I have used Hendrix Wire Wheel in Greensboro many times and highly recommend them. 2nd choice locally would be Downtown Tire in Hendersonville.

    2. Robert Milks

      I bet your ‘almost new’ tires felt like hard plastic when you rubbed the surface with your hand! I’ll echo George’s response, although I don’t use wire wheels. I do endorse Downtown Tire’s owner Bobby Rowland ; as a SCCA racer, he’s a good source of information and good INSTALLED prices.

    3. David Wood

      George and Robert. Thanks for the recommendations. 5 new tires (tyres) are being fitted next Tuesday at Downtown. The spare may have been from the 80s! I also checked to see that the spare wheel fitted on the new splined hubs…yes! As Robert hinted, old tires were very hard, shiny and almost no give in the sidewalls. And 2 sizes over standard. 185 instead of 165. Looking forward to driving a “new” B next Tuesday.

    4. David Wood

      New Tyres Update:
      Good times with Downtown Tire’s owner Bobby Rowland yesterday. He thinks the tyre on my spare was “from the beginning of time” 🙂 Dropped off all 5 wire wheels around 11:30 and picked them up at 5:00. Back on the car by 6:00 and it drives like a different car! (WAY BETTER) Previously needed to arm wrestle the car out of my drive way onto the street – a tight 120° turn, and now it’s almost a 1 handed breeze. Now waiting for the rain to back off a little.

  20. Robert Milks

    Dreama and I took a ride last Friday in our MGB. Perfect weather! Top down and a full tank of gas, we aimed toward US 64 East to Lake Lure, then a right on NC 9 South to the Cherokee Foothills Pkwy (SC 11). Both are great cruising roads to let the car get some exercise. Then up the hill on SC 130/NC 281 past Whitewater Falls and the entrance to Gorges State Park (maybe a stop for a future drive?). I’d call that road a semi-cruiser, as it has a mix of curves and straightaways. Great fun. Then out to Cashiers on US 64, and finally retracing US 64 East back to home. Thanks to Ingles for providing clean public restrooms. Time stood still for 177 miles!

  21. Grady Wilson

    Working on other cars besides TR6.
    MOVING shrubs and continuing spring planting. General yardwork.
    I’m looking for a 50th wedding anniversary gift. Anyone have a lead on an AH BUG EYE SPRIT? Please let me know. I’m on Hemmings also looking.
    Thanks Grady. FYI My cell is 828 274 7257.

  22. David Wood

    MGA, MGB and Midget Owners…
    With all this new time on our hands and both Moss and Victoria British being closed I needed to find a source for an SU Carb repair kit and a gear shift lever nylon bushing. So I’m now “thoroughly recommending” Ordered the parts late Sunday and they’ll be here this afternoon (Wednesday) USPS Priority Mail all the way from Oregon for $10.60. David

  23. Gene Carter

    Classic cars are relatively simple. Modern cars are more complex but onboard diagnostics help. The check engine light on my Mini came on and the P code pointed to Coolant temperature sensor or Thermostat. Replacing the sensor was relatively easy (and less expensive). The thermostat is part of an assembly and far more involved. New sensor and problem solved. Just in time for the annual inspection.

  24. Kevin Sweeney

    One positive note on isolation due to the virus, have had time to start tearing down my TR6. Wings, bonnet, boot and interior out along with most electrical and mechanical components. Just a couple of hours away from a bare tub on chassis. Tin worm not as bad as expected but finding a number of PO modifications that need to be corrected. Fun, Fun, Fun as the Beach Boys would say…..

  25. Tray Houston

    my next long term project… starting with a bare ’05 Elise chassis. still debating what kind of custom Frankenstein vehicle this will end up to be!

    1. Gene Carter

      Good to hear the LS3 is earmarked for a 300ZX. Colin Chapman always emphasized small and lightweight in his Lotus car designs.

  26. Ron Kuebler

    Thanks to member Mitch for a professional resolution to transferring bearings to new axles for MGTD. We will be on the road in short order!

  27. David Wood

    Finally got the seats back in the Mini! Next project – work on fitting the Caterham 7 bonnet and finding the missing cylinder head for the Land Rover Defender. Watch this space!

    1. Gene Carter

      Hi Ron. Ricker Machine Shop in Hendersonville has received good reviews from bcc members. You might try them. Please leave us a comment on your experience with them.
      Ricker Machine Shop
      1405 Spartanburg Hwy

  28. Terry Ramsey

    A big thank you goes out to Tray Houston for hosting our annual 2020 March Madness Drive today! The weather was great and the drive route was perfect for an escape from the COVID-19!

  29. Michael Edwards

    To any members who own a Spitfire, I have a rusty ’70 with a running motor, or it cranked and ran last year, that i would sell or part out. Anyone interested please let me know.
    Michael Edwards

  30. Terry Ramsey

    Thank you Alvan and June for being such gracious hosts for the 2020-Red-White-Party! We always have such a wonderful time at your beautiful home! The food was delicious, the company was stellar, and the ongoing projects were delightful and inspiring, (especially all those cars so creatively stored). What fun! You’re the best!

  31. Terry Ramsey

    Thanks to Dennis Somerville for hosting a great 2020 Polar Bear Run on 01-25-20! The weather was great, a nice country drive before lunch, and it’s always good to see the FHBCC folks. The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is always a spectacular sight!

  32. Terry Ramsey

    Thanks Dennis and Kathy Somerville for planning and hosting the 2019 FBCC and BCCWNC 3rd Annual Veteran’s Day Tour! It was a great success! 43 cars participated and we visited the Sassafras Mountain Observation Tower at 3,553 feet elevation where Dennis and Kathy recognized our Veterans for their dedicated service to our nation.
    Lunch at Mica’s Restaurant was again great!

  33. Terry Ramsey

    Thanks to Tom Young for planning and hosting the 2019 Mt. Mitchell Circumnavigation Drive on Friday Oct 18th. It was a great clear Fall day with great views! The meal at the Garden Deli in Burnsville was great!

  34. Tom Young

    Thanks to Gene Carter and Terry Ramsey for the pictures and the write up on the Mt Mitchell Drive.
    Thanks also to all who joined us in spite of a reschedule and a cool morning start. We did title this drive the “First Annual”, so I hope there will be many more.

  35. Mitch Andrus

    Special notice to John Rachow for all his work in moving the show’s equipment, and his guidance in assembling those tents. Here they are drying on his driveway.

  36. Mitch Andrus

    AITM was great this year (2019). Many thanks to all who showed their cars and helped set-up and break-down and a year’s worth of work. Robert Milks and Gene Carter…. huge props for tying up so many loose ends and details and making it all work so well.

  37. Terry Ramsey

    AITM was a blast this year. No waiting @ the food truck, no noisy generator, restrooms nearby, music was great. Ended with a bang………or should I say a “splash”. Had my cars drying out in the sun today, like two birds drying their wings so they can fly again.
    Thanks to all the AITM committee members and the volunteers for pulling this off!

  38. Gene Carter

    Thank you Terry Ramsey for organizing a group of BCCWNC members to support an Air Force veterans reunion.
    Saturday, September 21 at Mill House Lodge in Flat Rock.
    91st TFS and 81st TFW RAF Bentwaters
    Richard Jensen……….58 MGA
    Scott Monfort…………67 MGB
    Richard Dick…………..80 Triumph TR7
    Grady Wilson…………74 Triumph TR6
    Derek Cook……………59 A-H Frogeye Sprite
    George deWalder……75 MGB
    Terry Ramsey………..77 Triumph Spitfire
    Mitchell Audrus……..66 Jaguar E-Type
    Ron Mitchell…………..67 Healey BJ8
    David Wood…………..65 MGB
    Tom Lenweaver……..62 MGA
    Madeleine Pennoyer…87 RR Silver Shadow Cornish II Convertible
    Margot Eld…………….62 Triumph TR3B
    Photos are available at:

    1. Terry Ramsey

      Our showing up with our British cars was a surprise to the Air Force veterans. Hosts Chris and John Hoover planned the surprise and I think everyone had a great time.

  39. Terry Ramsey

    A big thank you goes out to Dennis and Kathy Somerville for planning and hosting the 2019 Pisgah Inn Drive and Lunch with FBCC! A special thanks to Robert and Dreama Milks for leading the drive to Aunt Sue’s where we met up with FBCC for the balance of the drive. Perfect day! Perfect Weather! 175 miles round trip in a Tiger.

  40. John Koshikar

    I hope this is the right place to post this, but I thought that this would be important to club members. I went to Gary Nye’s place (Basically British) in Brevard a couple of weeks ago and there was a sign on the door saying during his recovery that he would be working half days only (the shop was closed at the time) . I went by this morning (Fri, June 7th) hoping to see if he was there because I wanted to talk to him about doing a few things to my MG. Now there is a sign on the door that his shop is closed during his recovery at Mission Hospital. Lets hope for speedy recovery for Gary.

  41. TerryRamsey

    A big thank you goes out to Tray Houston for hosting the 2019 March (April) Madness Tour and Lunch! We went out through Leicester and across the back roads of Madison County into Marshall. Drove along the French Broad river back to Biltmore. What a great drive! The potty break and re-fuel stop was perfect timing. The weather was great! Ended at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Fletcher for a great lunch and social time. Thanks Tray!

  42. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to Alvan and June Judson for hosting the wonderful 2019 Apple Blossom (prickley) Tour and lunch at La Strada restaurant in Lake Lure! The food and service was great! The route contest was the most fun I ever had at 20 mph! Congrats to Scott and Linda Jones as the winner of the contest. Those two are incredibly observant!

  43. Steve Miller

    Won an award! Hard work pays off. Pixar Pictures award presented for car “most likely to appear in a movie” 4 awards among 400 cars. Best true American( 32 Ford Roadster) Best “Outlaw”( Mercedes 1955 190 SL) with modern drive train. Best Euro (1984 635 BMW 6-series) and mine. Then towed it home!

  44. Tray Houston

    As it was asked of me at the Jan ’19 business meeting – South Asheville Cars a& Coffee isn’t put on the calendar because it’s not a BCCWNC Hosted event – BCCWNC members are invited to attend. It is the 3rd Saturday of each month – year around – at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. And in September, I would like to feature BCCWNC (and British cars in general)

    9a – 11a
    Beef ‘O’ Brady’s
    2625 Hendersonville Rd
    Arden, NC 28704

    Also, don’t be surprised if there is a short drive (about 1 hour) at 11 that will end up back at Beef O Brady’s for lunch!

  45. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to John and Jeanne Condren for hosting the Burntshirt Winery Tasting & Tour 2018 today. It was well planned. It got me over worrying about getting my car wet. I’m looking foreword our next rainy drive!

  46. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to Kevin and Pat for hosting the “Yaller Cathouse” Run and Lunch 2018. It was a great opportunity to see the back roads of the Brevard area. A beautiful home (and garage). Great food!

  47. Gene Carter

    The Troyer Drive and Lunch for 2018 was once again an outstanding bccwnc event. The day was cloudy with a few sprinkles but the drive was beautiful. Great lunch at Troyer’s under their pavilion. Then on to the Ramsey’s house for some wonderful desserts. A huge thank you to Terry and Mary Alice.

  48. TerryRamsey

    Had a great time at The First Day of Summer 2018 event! Great weather and a nice place to have a cook out. Enjoyed visiting our car club friends. A big thanks goes out to John C for hosting. (Returned to Fairview @ 7:44 pm with only a few sprinkles on my windscreen 🙂

  49. TerryRamsey

    Great June montly meeting! Enjoyed meeting the new members and catching up on club happenings! Great show afterwards in the “car park”.

  50. TerryRamsey

    Thanks to John Condren for planning and hosting the Synchro-De-Mayo Uno drive! A great drive in conjunction with the members from the FBCC (Foothills British Car Club). A great group and great day indeed! Departure point and time, stops, and meals were well planned. Total mileage was 133 for Mary Alice and I.
    Looking foreword to the 10th Annual Great Scot! British Car Show at Furman University on May 26th!

  51. Terry Ramsey

    A big THANK YOU is in order for Alvan’s hosting of this wonderful drive! The route was great with views of the “apple blossoms” as the drive was so appropriately named.