1976 MGB For Sale

White/ Black Interior. Original Miles 53,400. Garage Kept. Owned for 32 years
New battery. Carburetor is new, but needs some adjusting.
Located in Brevard, N.C.
Asking $6500.00
DJ Golden
Posted July 27, 2018
Classified ad expires September 27, 2018

1970 Triumph GT6+ For Sale

Car was originally purchased in Columbus Ohio in 1970.  In 1971 the original owner robbed a bank and used the car as a getaway car and ended up in Wyoming where he was busted and the car spent a number of years in Police impound.  The car was returned to Ohio where is spent more time in Police impound before it was returned to the family. The car was then sold to the next-door neighbor who raced it occasionally in SCCA solo events where it was moved to Indianapolis.  The car was then sold to Allan, an engineer who undertook a complete body off restoration with a bare metal re-spray and color change from white to red in 1989. During the restoration Allan found .22 and .32 Caliber shells under the seat with the original owners registration card.  (Gearhead Gazette May 2006, BCC of WNC).  I have spoken with the original owners family who reluctantly corroborated the story, gave me a few four-letter expletives, then hung up.  I have not been able to secure court documents from the trial as it is unsure which county in Ohio the robbery occurred.  Without the documents the story is reduced to just that, a story, albeit a good one.  It does explain why the car has less than 30,000 miles. I was the manager of a British restoration garage where we serviced the car for Allan.  Struck by the high quality of the amateur restoration, I bought the car from Allan when he bought a TR8.

Since I have had the car I have done the following work in the last 6 years:
• Replaced the suspension bushings with polyurethane. Solid steering rack mounts from Good parts.  New uprated springs to lower the front end 1 inch. All new brake calipers, pads, rotors, drums and shoes with new hoses.
• New shocks, new rotoflex doughnuts. 5 new Revolution alloy rims with Pirelli P400 185/75-13. Spare is a Michelin MXV
• New oil seals, bearings and gaskets in the diff.
• Inspected the non OD, gearbox, replaced oil seals and gaskets.  New clutch and pressure plate and throw out bearing and resurfaced the flywheel.
• Port and polished the head, Head skimmed to increase compression slightly, stainless exhaust valve seats, new bronze guides, 3 angle valve grind. New rocker shaft with re profiled rockers and new springs.  New phosphated cam followers and ARP head studs. External rocker oil feeder. New alloy rocker cover.
• New Stage 2 Camshaft.  Carbs rebuilt with new needles profiled to match the cam and the ported head. The intake manifold was modified for better flow following Kas Kastner’s preparation handbook.
• When the engine was dismantled by the machine shop, they called and were shocked that the internals were so clean and the bores measured out like a car with 20,000 miles on it and that the bearings looked new (see bank robbery story above).  The crank was turned to .10 under, new tri-metal bearings with high performance thrust washers installed.  All internals were balanced. New oil pump, new timing chain and water pump. Exhaust header is stock but wrapped in header wrap.  Stainless exhaust system from Rimmer Brothers. New engine mounts. New fuel pump, Aluminum engine valances.
• Crane electronic ignition with Moroso performance plug leads. Comes with a Petronix electronic ignition if you would like to remove the Crane box for a cleaner look.
• The dashboard was replaced last month with a solid walnut dash with a matching radio delete plate that includes NOS Smiths clock and NOS Smiths oil pressure gauge. The clock is not connected as I use a battery cut off switch and it stays switched off.  The oil pressure gauge was a gift from a well-meaning friend but is an electric sensor type from a Jaguar and is not connected. I have been running a Summit hydraulic gauge and recorded between 50-60 psi when warm.
• The paint job is a very good 5 -foot paint job.   Under close inspection there are a few sanding scratches and some small trash.  That being said the car presents very well and has won a 1st place award in every car show it has entered.  But this car is not a trailer queen and there are a few stone chips in the paint and I would characterize it as an excellent driver.  Everything on the car works as it should with the exception of the horn.  Working on that now.

The BAD….
• There is a crack in the dash pad in front of the passenger.  Out of site out of mind when you are driving so I have not replaced it.  A NOS windshield gasket was used on the original restoration, a few cracks have appeared.  The gasket looks new and does not leak, see photos.  I have a new one that comes with the car.
• There was a small hole at the driver’s feet in the floorpan.  This was cut out with a new panel welded in by a professional and seam sealed.  The entire underside of the car was treated with undercoating.  At the time of the 1989 restoration, an all steel front valance was not available, so the front valance is fiberglass.  There is no evidence of accident damage and the valance was replaced due to superficial damage.

Price $18,000
Car is located in Asheville NC
Call for details or more photos.   John  828-817-0954 

Posted June 26, 2018
Classified ad expires August 26, 2018

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