2021 AITM Registration

Autumn in the Mountains British and European Automobile & Motorcycle Show
Show date: Saturday, September 25, 2021

PayPal payment options are listed below.
A download (mail-in) registration form is below the payment options.

Vehicle Registration and payment with PayPal

Note: You can register additional vehicles and purchase Polo Shirts in a single order/payment.
After Clicking “Add to Cart” for the first vehicle, click “Continue shopping” in the upper right of the PayPal secure checkout page to return to this AITM registration page.  You can then register additional vehicles or add Shirts to your order.

For payment, a credit card can be used.
The (gray) “Check Out” button (Pay without a PayPal account) is the correct choice to pay with a credit card. This is also known as a PayPal Guest Checkout.

By submitting a Vehicle Registration and Payment, the Registrant acknowledges the hazards inherent in motor vehicle events and specifically releases and indemnifies the British Car Club of Western North Carolina and Mountain Inn & Suites, collectively and separately from all liabilities and/or property damage incurred by Registrant and/or guests while participating in the event.

Show Registration
Car Owner

White Polo Shirt Ordering and payment with PayPal

White Polo Shirt Order by Size

Link to download and print a mail-in registration form.

Mail registration form to:
P.O. Box 994
Arden, NC 28704