AITM Breaking News

Mills River Brewing Co., has purchased an adjacent, much larger, flat grass field, providing our “22nd annual autumn in the mountains” show with far more space for show participants and a separate, easily accessible, spectator parking field. Due to limited space to maneuver trailers in the Registration area, we ask that trailers be parked on the spectator parking field and that cars/motorcycles are driven/ridden onto the show field.

The image below will help you to identify the appropriate access points.

Due to the unprecedented pre-registration support, the classes qualifying for awards are:
Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Lotus, Sunbeam, Minis, McLaren, Morris, German, Italian, MGB-chrome, MGB-rubber, Spitfire-chrome, and Spitfire-rubber, plus Other British, Other European, Tribute and Motorcycle.

Coffee will be available for those early risers, and Mills River Brewing Co., will be managing a beer truck on the field. A wide range of food, pizza and other beverages can be ordered inside the brewery.

Pop-up tents, with appropriate anchorage for an open grass field, are also now allowed.

Due to his successful management of the weather in 2021, club past president, Mitch Andrus, has been tasked with providing a similar outcome for September 24, 2022, and the two or three days prior : )