Distinguished Service Awards

In 2015, BCCWNC created the Distinguished Service Award to recognize those members who have given outstanding service to the club over a period of ten or more years.  These members have served on the board, chaired committees, worked on the Autumn in the Mountains annual car show, led drives, worked behind the scenes, planned events and hosted club events in their homes not just for one or two years, but year after year continually serving our club.  For their continued dedication to the operation of the club, willingness to pitch in wherever needed, and long term service, we honor these few outstanding members.  This is our Hall of Fame.

Robert Milks

Robert joined BCCWNC Oct. 2001 due to a love of his MG and a wish to meet like minded people.  He purchased his MG in 2000, and spent 3 years restoring it.  Robert served as Vice President of the club in 2004 and 2005, and was also the Autumn In The Mountains show chair both of those years.  Robert brought his organizational skills to the show planning, creating procedures still in use today.  He is an active member, participating in drives and shows.  In 2016, Robert assumed the mantle of President, continuing to the 2017 year as well.  A strong leader, Robert spent many hours analyzing all our current rules and tax status, bringing everything up to date.  His tireless support of the club and desire to improve every aspect is greatly appreciated!  He is also a member of the NAMGBR Pull Handle Register, V8 Register, and the Spurious V8 and MG Club.


Gene Carter

Gene joined BCCWNC in 2004.  Although his travel schedule frequently interferes with attending meetings, Gene has participated behind the scenes planning events such as the Australian Pursuit Rally, several fun rallies, a club sponsored show at a local winery, and drives every year to regional car shows, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, in DuPont Forest, and around our beautiful mountains ending at local restaurants.  Club members still talk about the costume drive and pumpkin carving from 2005!  Gene was instrumental in establishing our club on Meetup after the club voted to give it a try, and currently serves as Meetup Organizer.

Carole Carter

Carole joined BCCWNC with her husband, Gene, in 2004.  On her first visit to a club meeting, a discussion was being held on how to do a Silent Auction, and she agreed to chair that committee.  The Silent Auction raised $1700 for Meals on wheels that year, and has become a continuing event in conjunction with the annual car show.   Carole served two years as auction chair, then was persuaded to serve as President for the next two years.  She was instrumental in rewriting the bylaws for the club.  She also created a separate committee for the show so decisions could be made outside of meetings, and moved the focus of the club to drives and events which greatly increased our membership.  She created the Progressive Drive format, which became one of the most anticipated annual drives. In 2015, she again served as President, steering the club to more social activities and fun, along with more drives to enjoy our British cars.  Carole revamped the website in 2015, adding pages and pictures to entice visitors to come to a meeting.  She currently serves as Website coordinator.

George deWalder

George joined BCCWNC in 2004.  George has been instrumental in the operation of the annual show, planned events, and led drives throughout his tenure with the club.  Serving as President for six years, George has been a continuing contributor to the club. George participates in drives, and does much work behind the scenes particularly with publicity and show operations for many years.  We appreciate his long dedication to the club, and honor his service over many years in 2015.

DSA George deWalder

John Rachow

Since 2006, John has been a driving force behind the operation of the Autumn in the Mountains show, bringing tents and chairs, setting up a place to gather and eat, hosting the swap meet and usually bringing three cars to show.  John has hosted several cookouts at his home, and led drives in the mountains.  Behind the scenes, John is always ready to help other members with their cars, and for over a year has kept the late Peter Cerka’s cars running for his widow.  He served as Vice President on the board for several years.  We thank John for all his many contributions.

DSA John Rachow

Teresa Farver

Teresa’s dedication to the club began in the 1990s with working on the Autumn in the Mountains show.  She served on the board as Treasurer for many years now, and plans to continue into the future.  Teresa took over show registration a couple of years ago, and has been instrumental in streamlining the process of registration and payment.  Teresa and her husband Mark are present at every event, attending shows, recruiting new members, and lending support to other members of the board and show committee.

DSA Teresa Farver


Steve Miller

Steve has shown continued dedication to our club year after year by planning events and drives, hosting a cookout at his home, planning tech sessions, and serving the club behind the scenes.  He was the chairperson for our annual show Autumn In the Mountains show for several years, then co-chair for several years, growing the show events to include a swap meet and finding its current home at Jackson Park.   His annual Troyer’s Drive has become a club annual event.  He has also been the leader of several brewery tours.  Steve only has to be asked and he always is ready to do whatever is needed to help the club’s operation and continued growth.  His hard work has been instrumental in helping our club grow and prosper.  BCCWNC acknowledges his many contributions to the club over his tenure of more than 10 years.


Alvan Judson

Serving as President for two years, chair of the Autumn in the Mountains show for three years, and club scribe for two years, Alvan is a fixture of the club.  Our only true British board member, he is always ready to take on whatever task needs doing.  Alvan and his wife June have offered their home many years for our kick-off event Valentine party, and have assisted with other drives during the many years he has been a member.  He served as show chair for three years.  His behind the scenes work includes being the liaison between our club and the local Jaguar dealer, obtaining their support year after year with our show and other events.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated member of our club, and acknowledge his many years of contributions and achievement.